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SIMA 2017: KEENAN debuts its first self-propelled MechFiber machine in France

28 Feb 2017

The introduction of the KEENAN MechFiber345SP, the first self-propelled machine in the KEENAN range, marks a new path for the company and one that has been long-awaited.

PARIS: At the SIMA trade show in France’s capital, KEENAN proudly showcased the latest in a string of innovations since its acquisition by Alltech in April 2016. The introduction of the KEENAN MechFiber345SP, the first self-propelled machine in the KEENAN range, marks a new path for the company and one that has been long-awaited. 

KEENAN customers have been requesting a self-propelled MechFiber machine, and KEENAN has spent time perfecting its design, committed to delivering the very best machine possible. Long synonymous with excellence in nutrition and driving animal performance through optimising rumen health, KEENAN focused on researching the loading and chopping mechanisms available on the market to ensure the best fit.

Of highest importance was identifying a solution consistent with the core KEENAN ethos of retaining forage structure. In Italian firm Storti, they identified a partner that can deliver this much sought-after, self-loading technology. 

“When we announced our collaboration with Storti, some thought it was all about introducing a KEENAN vertical auger to our range — that couldn’t be further from the reality,” KEENAN CEO Robbie Walker said.

“KEENAN and Storti had been in talks for quite some time about this exciting development: a self-propelled machine with a loading mechanism that does not destruct fibre and delivers the quality MechFiber mix that is so important to KEENAN,” Walker adds. 

With class-leading cutter head technology, the KEENAN MechFiberSP range has been engineered to deliver rapid loading of a vast array of products, leaving a clean, uniform face for optimum pit face management. The tungsten-coated blades feature a unique crossed arrangement, performing clean cuts without damaging the structure of the fibre, even with very compact silages.

Engineered with a focus on speed, precision and versatility, the special placement of the blades and configuration of the loading channel allows the cutter to load in both directions and easily run in reverse if needed, while a high-speed loading belt drastically reduces mix preparation time. 

Producing the noted KEENAN MechFiber mix in 16 and 20 cubic meter outputs for the 2017 and 2018 seasons, the KEENAN MechFiberSP range offers left or right front discharge via an adjustable conveyor for homogeneous distribution of total mixed rations. 

Available in both 25 kilometres per hour or high-speed “Plus” 40 kilometres per hour models, the operating system of the KEENAN MechFiberSP range has been cleverly designed for ease of maintenance and features a mechanical drive to the six-paddle reel. This exclusive engineering system, by means of a specially designed gearbox and PTO shaft, transfers all the power from the engine to the mixing system, thus reducing fuel consumption by up to 25 percent as well as reducing maintenance costs. 

Fitted with the KEENAN InTouch controller as standard, the KEENAN MechFiberSP range is connected to the KEENAN InTouch service, which provides real-time feed advice and ration formulation through a dedicated team of skilled nutritionists. KEENAN InTouch is proven to deliver consistency in both feed and mixing to ensure improved milk yields and milk solids and better herd health in conjunction with monitoring and control of feed costs. 

“KEENAN now offers the complete range of feeding solutions: Farmers can choose from the MechFiber-producing horizontal paddle machine in both trailed and self-propelled options as well as twin and triple auger vertical trailed units,” Walker said.

“Testament to the level of excitement about this launch of the KEENAN self-propelled range is that a number of self-propelled machines have been pre-sold in continental Europe despite only being unveiled at SIMA. That demonstrates the trust our customers have in our attention to detail and commitment to delivering the very best quality machine and mix.”


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